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How would you pronounce "Invada", as in music label Invada Records?

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My first reaction was in-vah-dah, then thought it might be invade-a.

In-vah-da it is, but it sounded wrong to me at first. More thoughts in my other reply:

But why? I'm intrigued by this congnitive difference. You're correct, by the way - I heard the owner on radio and he referred to his label as "in-vah-da", as did the interviewer.

Obviously, the reason I posted this is that I initially thought it was "invade-a", perhaps because:

- It would be a homophone (type of homonym) for "invader", a real word and one that might carry some meaning or interest for the label.

- The only other time I think I've heard the letters "vada" pronounced was in the My Girl films, where Vada Sultenfuss was pronounced "vay-da". Come to think of it, maybe that's an American/regional thing.

I'm warming to "vah-da", though, so I can continue to listen to "Down To Mexico" and "All You've Got" without a cognitive black cloud hanging over my mind...

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