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OpenID - getting closer
In an earlier post, I mentioned that I want to run my own OpenID indentity provider instead of using LJ, but that I hadn't found anything suitable.

It would appear I just wasn't looking properly, as I have now found a list of several scripts, including phpMyID. So, I should soon be able to log into all websites with "http://nathan.jones.id.au".

Of course, by "log into all websites", I really mean "log into all 2 of the sites I use that support OpenID".

Come on Wordpress! (I'm not holding my breath on OpenID adoption by MySpace or Facebook!)

Edited To Add: It's tempting to set it up whilst I wait for Theresa to return, but I really, really should finish up this bloody newsletter. Never get volunteered to do a newsletter - even if they give you the content - unless you do desktop publishing every day.

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Don't forget about delegation. It's so easy. With it, you can use any URL over which you have control as an OpenID URL.


Thank you for the timely message! I hadn't read about OpenID Delegation. (Or maybe I did, then forgot.)

I'll probably still run my own script, so that I don't have to be logged into LiveJournal all the time, but delegation seems very handy.

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