Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Show & Friends

Went to The Show yesterday. I won't give a detailed account: Theresa has already written a good post.

I got sucked in to several costly things. I'm enjoying my licorice show bag now, and loved the trampoline jumping with the huge rubber bands, even at $10. I haven't had that much exercise all year! Not brave enough to try a backflip, though.

Left Theresa, Donna and kids at Southern Cross Station and proceded to Dom & B's housewarming. What a fantastic (though smokey) night! 'Twas great to see kits_the_dm, a_carnal_mink, andricongirl, dcrisp, trayce, nutzboy and neefsck. Yes, Neef! Not seen since he departed for the UK. Special thanks to B and Nick for engaging and insightful conversation.

And now, bedtime. Or maybe a de-smokifying shower first. At least I'm not starving as I usually would be at this time. Nick's desire for a hamburger paid off, as we went to Grill'd and I got a Mini Moo. :-)
Tags: friends, fun

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