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BYO restaurants
I want to start a website that lists and profiles Melbourne restaurants that allow BYO.

Now all I'm missing are skills, inclination and data...

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model it on superparma.com and let the good people of melbourne tell you about their faves and allow a star sytstem of rating?

Now there's an idea (though I hadn't seen superparma.com before). Actually, Eatability is pretty good and it does list BYO status. I think the things I'm missing are:

- Reviews of all restaurants. All community-driven sites are goign to be lacking unless they're super-popular.

- Details relevant to groups. I want to find places that can welcome a large Carnivores group, let us BYO, and let us order off the menu.

- Ability to sort by corkage, as well as cuisine, price, etc. Some restaurants I've been avoiding because of their licenced-only status are now allowing BYO, but the $10 corkage might put some people off.

Really, the only advantage of such a site over an existing one like Eatability is the opportunity to showcase restaurants that are still willing to allow BYO. They're a dying breed!

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