Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Spending alone time with kids

Jesara and Joshua. Good thing they get along well: they're almost always together. And there's no real reason to separate them. There's some benefit to keeping them together, too. For example, if I take both of them out for a drive, Theresa doesn't have to deal with either of them.

But it's amazing how different they are individually than when they're together. On Saturday, Jesara wanted to stay home, so I took Josh to Frankston Pier. We saw fishermen, swimmers, seagulls, jetskis, fish... He was happy to sit and watch these things for a while, or peer over the side to look for fish in the water. We sat and had an icecream too - until I got frustrated that the rate of melted icecream dripping onto his clothes surpassed the slow rate at which he was eating the thing, at which point, I threw the remainder in the bin (with no complaint from him). It was all very pleasant. And it was such a different experience than if both kids were there (which would also have been pleasant, but at a very different pace).

I've had Josh by himself a few times when Jesara has been at Kindy, but going to the Pier on such a lovely (almost) Spring day highlighted the difference in group dynamics. And seeing people out-and-about enjoying simple pleasures was good for the soul.

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