Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Carnivores at The Olive Tree

Last night was excellent. Almost 30 people gathering to keep the Connect spirit alive. Thanks to everyone who came (even Vanessa, who forgot her NZ Pinot Noir). Thanks to The Olive Tree for looking after us and feeding us well. And thanks to Steve, who took photos.

I finally got to open the Seppelt 1991 Hans Irvine Methode Champenoise Dad & Kerry gave me - really good stuff. Mark and Mark appreciated the Yalumba Menzies 1999 Cab Sav, and we had a little dessert wine to finish. I don't regret ordering the duck - it was excellent - but I do want to go back for the beautiful thick eye fillet steak.

Thanks also to willow_blossom for the ride back to Seaford and for the DnM. Will be sure to visit sometime soon.

So, another Carnivores over. I wonder where we can go for the next one... Suggestions welcome, but BYO preferred.
Tags: carnivores, friendship, wine

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