Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Meaty puns and ribs-ticklers

This is an exchange from a few weeks ago, but I've just now got around to posting it. After I sent out the invitation to the next Carnivores dinner, I received this response from Spencer:

Spencer: What if someone is vealing sick - can they cancel?

So, I replied and it snowballed from there:

Nathan: Absolutely not - there's too much at steak.

S: does that mean they'd be chopped from the list?

N: No, not at all. It's really only people who fail to bring wine that deserve to be slaughtered and hung out to dry. We have very grape expectations in the wine department.

S: Or would you rissoleve to give them another chance?

N: Depends on the interrogation. We'd grill them to ascertain whether they're really as sick as they say, or just mincing words.

S: Thanks for your completeness there are no other issues I need to braise with you. I am no longer worried about attendance being a fry in the ointment.

N: No, thank you. Compliments are rare indeed, and a welcome diversion from searing criticism. :-)

S: I insist!
Well done! A medium effort would have left me feeling blue and saute sad!

N: Does this mean you're not ready to chuck in the towel?

S: That's right - I won't hide behind any one's skirt!

N: Don't let Angus hear you call his kilt a skirt! He'll have his mignons onto you in no time!

S: I fillet would be unkind of you to share this with Angus - I have no beef with him and he might come at me like a tournedo! Even over a poultry issue like this.

N: Perhaps we'd better call a truce. And you needn't worry about Angus. He may be a pain in the rump at times, but he's generally as harmless as a butterfly.

Spencer [breaking the email thread and visiting in person]: Agreed. I knew you'd try and get the last word in, though.

I Win!
Tags: humour

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