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(no subject)
Performances start tonight. I'm actually not at work at the moment. I haven't been feeling well, and I guess that's because of a lack of sleep over the last few nights. At least there was no rehearsal last night, but I still got to bed late after calling the RACV - my car has stopped changing gears. I wasn't about to drive to work in first gear, so I'm now waiting to hear back from the automatic transmission place to find out what's wrong. (And more importantly, how broke I'll be afterwards.)

Now that the fever has died down a bit, I'm trying to figure out whether to go into work for a half day. Actually, if I left now, it'd be more like a quarter day. I'll still try to call in before going to the play; need to pick up the charger for the new Palm Tungsten (delivered on Monday - me be very happy) and finish up a couple of things.

But first, I think it's time for some more sleep and another echidna tablet...