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Comment on YouTube comments

After an absence of more than 7 weeks, I channel is back:

* Is your life worth watching? -
* #19: "Starting Over" -

For a show that's all about audience interaction, they have done a lousy job of communicating; there was no blog post, or even a comment to tell us that the show was still alive, or why it was taking so long to come out with a new episode.

If I ever make a video blog show, the primary goal will be to keep it regular and to keep people informed if there's going to be a change.

While the creators may not be interacting with the audience much outside of the episodes, the viewers are really into interaction. Episode #19 has a comment rate of over 10%: 3666 views and 397 comments already. Sure, they encourage comments, but I'm still surprised how many people on YouTube comment on what they watch.

Keep in mind, too, that the number of "views" is higher than the number of people watching. (Just loading the page and leaving part way through counts as a view, plus some people will view a video more than once.) Also, only YouTube users can comment, and not everyone is a YouTube user. Although sometimes I think I might be the only person in the world without an account on YouTube or MySpace...

This level of commenting is something I find daunting: As a producer, I can't imagine keeping up with it, and as a viewer, I can't see the point in commenting on something that has already racked up over 100 comments. Somehow, mega-sites like YouTube and Slashdot attract thousands of people who have enough time on their hands to read through a constant flow of posts and comments... and keep coming back for more.
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