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Do you love Frankston? Say it proud, brother!
A boy on the train is wearing a black t-shirt with " I Frankston " on the front. It's an interesting choice for a fashion-conscious kid. Even I find it funny that someone dared to make such a t-shirt.

Actually, that's not the only odd thing: he's a talker. He's chatting to the man in front of me, who's really me interested in reading his copy of mX. Chatting about seeing a guy who passed out in Frankston, and about walking home in the dark.

Addendum: I didn't talk to the kid, because a) I don't initiate conversation in publich, and b) the man sitting between us became his target. But I would've been interested to find out if walking home in the darkness bothers him (he mentioned it a couple of times), or whether it was just a conversation topic (perhaps one to generate a "you're allowed out at night?" reaction).

I lost my chance by getting out at the wrong station. I parked at Carrum yesterday, so i got out there... Then realised that today I parked at Seaford. So back I went to wait ten minutes for the next train...

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i see "I frankston" , and was pondering what that could mean , like I robot ??

but i later thought you probally have a pc and made a heart symbol or something and then the 'he really likes frankston' bit also makes sense

Yes, it was "I [heart] Frankston". I was worried that it might show up for some people. But I'm surprised it doesn't work for you. I'm using a Mac too, and I copied the heart character from someone's Flickr username. Next time I'll take the time to find an image and put "heart" in the alt text...

hmm, yeah cut and paste usually works hmm

You Csn purchase said T-shirt at the info place next to Sofia's next to the pier in Frankston... I haven't seen anyone wearing them, but I'm glad to see they've had at least one buyer!!

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