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We don't need no stinking strategy
How am I supposed to write a concept paper that explains why we should build a particular product if I don't think it's a product we should be building?

I'm currently stuck on the Alignment to Strategic Drivers section, and as far as I can tell, this concept flies in the face of our current strategy, which is to simplify and consolidate, not bend over backwards for every customer. As I said in a meeting yesterday, we need to get better at turning customers away, saying "it's not you, it's us"...

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Whats the product? Sounds like the company is designing a product to fit what a customer wants.

Product is a WAN Accelerator for an IPVPN service. Yes, there has been some customer demand (or so I'm told), but that doesn't instantly make it worth investing in.

The company's starting a big push to finally become profitable, by concentrating on a core set of products. It seems like an odd time to spend money on product development for something where we have no solid data to show that there will be demand and that it will be profitable.

More to the point, it seems like all our ICT capabilities are going to sit under Gen-I, and they already do a WAN accelerator product. I think this project will get dropped for being contrary to current strategy.

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