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If you don't eat your pizza, you can't have an apple...
Is it wrong that I'm bribing Josh to eat his pizza by promising to go and buy him some more apples?

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Heh. That reminds me of my brother, who would happily eat his dessert first at dinner time and then eat his actual dinner (veges meat etc). He just wanted the sweets first! Weird kid.

well as apples are better than pizza so yeah its odd ;p
i'd prefer a kid to eat some fruit than nothing or junk food ;p

Agreed on the principle. Josh has developed a habit of saying "I don't want dinner!" and we'd rather him eat meals so that he's not bugging us for snacks all the time. Meanwhile, he eats 3-4 apples a day and would eat several more if he could.

So, while pizza's not our regular fare, I still wanted him to eat something. And we were out of apples, so I promised to buy some more. Next day, he was sitting in the supermarket trolley, happily clutching a new 1.5kg bag to his chest... :-)

hehe :]

next week he may only want to eat sandwiches ;p

That's Jesara: she loves sandwiches and often has them for breakfast...

Apples for pizza

This sounds like something I might read on postsecret....

I promise my children an apple ... if they eat their pizza.

This sort of stuff is really unimportant long term....enjoy laughing at yourself.

Your kids are lucky kids, Nathan

Re: Apples for pizza

Hmm, making a postcard takes both creativity and inclination: I don't usually do those in combination.

And yes, the kids are lucky. Lucky they get apples at all! In myyyyyy day... (Just kidding.)

Yeah, in my day....

I think there's a little bit of Monty Python in every parent!

At least I hope so.

Re: Yeah, in my day....

Actually, I've hardly seen any Monty Python. But their legacy seems to pervade every corner of humanity...

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