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Today sucked so much that I can't think of a more creative Subject line. It started with waking up unwell and underslept, then proceeded thusly:

  1. I'm well enough to go to work. If I go right now, I can get the train.
  2. I need breakfast; I'll go to Macdonalds and drive to work.
  3. Macdonalds is closed. I'll go to a different one.
  4. I'll get the train and call my manager to say I'll be late for the 10am meeting.
  5. I'm not waiting for a train that's 7 mins late - I'll drive.
  6. A smash on the Monash is clearing, says the radio, so I might still make the meeting.
  7. The cars ahead aren't moving much - I should detour. [I don't.]
  8. It's even slower than it appeared - I should U-Turn. [Again, I don't.]
  9. I've just spent 16 mins on a 4 min stretch of road, all because one of the two lanes is closed. I can understand taking thrice the time (twice the traffic in one lane, plus merging overhead), but why the fuck is it taking four times as long?
  10. I'll never make the meeting now. [I call the manager who says the meeting was postponed, because someone else is sick.]
  11. That's just fucking great, that is: I have a monthly train ticket and could be doing something useful right now, or even sleeping. Instead, I'm spending petrol and patience on driving for the meagre benefits of hearing more radio and falsely thinking that I can make it to work in time for a cancelled meeting.

I reached Burnley St just after 10am, but then kept missing car spaces and had to circle the block twice.

The day was then an unproductive waste of time. Eventually, it was time to go home, so I grabbed some food from the barbecue (good salad, but the pork sausage made me feel sick).

And then I went home...

Peak hour on Fridays seems to last from 3pm till 7pm, so waiting for the travel times to change on the VicRoads site was a mistake. (They did change - they got worse.)

  1. The Monash is slow, but the Nepean won't be any quicker.
  2. Man, this is bad.
  3. And it's worse up ahead; I'll go down to Princes Highway. [Bad move.]
  4. [To Theresa] "The Princes Highway was much worse, and I'm ever so slowly approaching Blackburn Road."

Eventually, I got home, decided on an early night's sleep, and here I am at 10pm - awake.

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