Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

vlog research leads to Ichannel

I do this thing sometimes, where I come up with an unoriginal idea and think it may work so long as I get in at the right time. Then I discover that so many people are already doing it better than me and that the new genre or concept is now going mainstream.

I'm thinking though an idea for a dramatised vlog show. It seems like a good time to strike, because Internet TV is still finding its feet, and it's possible to get viewers with an ultra-low budget. I don't expect the many thousands of viewers of something like Lonelygirl15, but some would be nice...

So, I started looking around for other vlog series to see what's out there and get ideas on how to start and how to promote the show. At first, I was having trouble finding any. Maybe the genre hasn't really grown up yet! The perfect time to get started!

Nah, I just don't think I've been searching properly. Today I happened upon a brilliant show. Funny too. And original.

Ichannel is the story of a man who gets the feeling he's being watched, then discovers that he's on a video blog, with an audience watching his every move. Watching and interacting. A phone keeps beeping: the audience is talking to him via SMS. And apparently actual comments on the show's YouTube site help shape the episodes. Watch episodes 1 and 2 to get an idea of what it's like.

So, I have found yet another thing to spend time watching. But I still have nothing more than an unoriginal idea... Not necessarily a bad story - just not original.
Tags: vlog

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