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General update: from MoV to R+J

I've been avoiding posting, because I've been putting off posting about The Merchant of Venice finishing, and I wanted to post in chronological order. Hopefully I'll get to the MoV post soon. In the meantime:

o The week immediately following the play was fantastic. I felt like I was falling in love all over again. :-)

o Friday afternoon was devoted to helping with the BBQ at work. We overcatered, and I happily took some meat home to ensure it was not going to waste.

o Sunday everyone except me went to Traralgon for Mother's Day. I was going to meet Ian in the city, but his rental car had been broken into, so he had to sort that out. Gave me a little time to do stuff, but wasn't a super-productive day.

o James sent me a message about toilets on Mother's Day, which made my day. Must add it to my SMS archive. (It bugs me that I can't automatically save SMSs.)

o Last night (Fri 18/May) I met Theresa, Mace and Lindy at the James Squire Brewhouse for dinner. Quite nice, especially Theresa's ribs (well, pork ribs - not hers) and the chocolate dessert that was like a combination between mousse, fudge and cake.

o Today was Jesara's birthday party. I don't think I've ever seen so much pink! Jessie scored loot, kids scored lollies and there were only a few tantrums. Happy 5th birthday Jess. :-)

o Tonight, Deborah went to Sarah's 20th, complaining "my Sarah can't be twenty!" (she was 9 when they met), and Theresa worked on a CAMPish trailer in the wake of Neighbours' departure from the BBC. I decided to finally watch Baz Luhrmann's R+J, having bought it a couple months ago. I love the film and I'm a big fan of cutting and updating Shakespeare. But it made me regret not cutting more out of MoV. Quite disappointed to see that the disc is damaged, though. A couple of small sections have to be skipped.

o Tomorrow (today, really) is a Rotary "Family Day" at the Diamond Valley Railway. But maybe I should post about that -after- the event. Right now, I should make a few more notes for my video blog story and go to bed.

Tags: family, parenting, relationship, theatre

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