Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Parties, plays and sleep

Sleep-wise, yesterday sucked. Not enough sleep on Fri night, then no chance to catch up during the day. (I tried to sleep a couple of times, but it didn't work.) The result was missing a cue on stage during the matinee, and feeling a bit flat during the evening show, despite it being easily the best show yet. Great audience response and the cast was on fire.

The show was followed by lively conversation and red wine with most of the cast. My tiredness subsided somewhat and I took advantage of a second wind to stay for the long haul, knowing I wasn't allowed home to sleep afterward.

Deborah had a party last night and we were kicked out of the house. Apparently this meant I couldn't so much as sleep in the house whilst the party was going on. I'm not sure if this is because:

  1. She didn't fully understand that my intention was solely to walk in at 3am (by which time her party could be winding up anyway), and go straight to bed, with no interference in her party whatsoever, and no need for them to feel inhibited or required to keep the noise down.

  2. She thought I was going to invade her party, cause a scene and crack onto her friends.

  3. She wanted our bed to accommodate guests.
Part of me wants to find ruffled sheets - or condom wrappers ;-) - to indicate the latter, although I guess there's a difference between wanting the bed made free in advance and using it because it's there.

In any case, I don't think it was really that unreasonable a request, and it actually worked out quite well for me, as I've not had to drive home and come back for the committee meeting. Plus I brought the camp stretcher - more comfortable than the lilo, and it doesn't deflate in the middle of the night. I had planned to sleep at work, but Paul convinced me to stay at his place.

I'm finally at work now, after taking Emmett home. Can't stay long, though, as the committee meeting is earlier than I thought (4pm).

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