Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

MoV opens and fizzles

Tonight was a night of mixed emotions. After spending the afternoon getting music, programmes and booking sheets ready to take to the hall, I dropped stuff in at the hall, then left to go to the CAMPish birthday in Frankston. I saw Nick on my way out. Little did I know he'd be the only audience member.

Leah called to tell me the show had been cancelled and that the cast (mostly) were upset. It may have been a bad idea to mention that I had forgotten to send out a message to our mailing list.

I got to the CAMPish party in bad shape, feeling the pressure of having failed on some simple tasks that I had agreed to do to promote the show. Plus the pressure of not knowing what to expect when I next see the cast. Especially Ian, who is scheduled to come to the 3CR interview with me tomorrow. And then there was the pressure of Theresa telling me off for taking on too much and not delegating more to the committee.

So, it seems my work problems are also affecting my theatre involvement. Both the simple tasks and the act of delegating those tasks require about the same amount of effort - not substantial effort, yet it still fell through the cracks.

Singing songs with the kids helped a bit. So did being with (well, around, at least) some very nice people, as well as hearing Ismael play guitar, accompanied by lovely singing.

Upon reaching home with sleepy kids, I received a message from Leah asking where the flyers are. I replied that I could drop some in tomorrow, and I asked what she was planning. No reply. I later sent ":-(". Ambiguous, I know, but it reflected what was going on in my head. No reply to that either. Anger? Other feelings? I knew she'd be feeling upset, as would much of the cast and crew. I can't tap into these feelings, so I'm left with the unknown until I meet people again.
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