Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

MoV: Casting Shylock

Who will brood over this longer, him or I?

I just called Rod to let him know that he didn't get the role of Shylock. I couldn't tell whether he just had his work phone manner on, or whether he was upset, yet controlled and courteous.

Rod and I both submitted proposals to direct The Merchant of Venice, so this is a second blow to him and and an awkward moment for me.

I had three excellent choices for Shylock (plus a very good one and a few unsuitable ones), and Rod was only marginally "pipped at the post" by Ian. Rod's audition exceeded my expectations and he would have made a fine Shylock, but Ian somehow felt right, despite being younger.

On the upside, the majority of the cast members I've called so far seem really excited to be involved and I don't expect anyone to drop out of a major role.

Next on the agenda:
- Call backs this evening
- Finalising casting of the suitors, Lancelot and Salanio
- Telling everyone else that they don't have parts
Tags: theatre

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