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CTTS: Josh
Josh's recent cute stuff. (This is in lieu of recording him, which would be far better, as we'd be able to remember the tone of voice, etc.)

"Mummy/Jessie, where are you?"

Said in a desparate but insistent voice. "Are" is emphasised and pronounced as a cross between "are" and "aye" you.

"Don't water mine yhirt!" [sic]

He get's so indignent and hard-done-by sometimes. Theresa, whilst watering the vegetables, sprayed a little water on Josh. You'd think it would be welcome on a hot day, but he expected water to go only on the garden. He doesn't yet know the difference between "my" and "mine". Plus, he can't yet pronounce "sh" and he often proounces 'y' instead of 's', so it sounds like "don't water my nyurt!"...

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I do so love kid logic. As I posted earlier, my nephew told me off for drinking a cider (which he thought was a beer): "ew you can't drink that thats a BOYS DRINK" :D

My niece is 7 and she can pitch-perfect sing Veronicas songs. It weirds me out.

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