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Macbeth soundtrack, stuff to watch, Internet TV
I want to see Macbeth again when it gets a DVD release (maybe it has already - not sure). At least then I'll know if my search for a soundtrack is warranted. I thought I had heard reference to a soundtrack existing, but I can't find any trace now. Oh well.

Also on my mental list of things to watch again:
  • Irreversible.
  • The Merchant of Venice (filmed stage production).
  • Sophie's World.

On the Internet TV front:
  • I've got sucked into Lonelygirl15; I think the video blog format works quite well. I'm starting from where the action picked up, and have about 60 episodes to go to catch up fully. That's possibly way too much committment for me.
  • I also gave Sam Has 7 Friends a try, but it's very hard to get into daily episodes where each one is a single 1 min 40 sec scene. Thus, despite downloading all 80 days, I don't think I'll reach the point where one of Sam's friends knocks her off the perch.
  • Satacracy 88 is okay, but I think there's too long a gap between episodes, making it harder to follow the sci-fi story.
  • Port City PD seems to have stagnated, which is a pity, becuase it seemed promising and 20 minute episodes make it much easier to get into the drama.
  • I haven't looked for other dramas; most of the popular series seem to be non-fiction comedy.

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The problem with anonymous comments is that not everyone says who they are. But thanks for sharing anyway...

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