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Stressed (MoV)
Time to go to a party and try to relax, now that I've eaten my undercooked roast vegetables. Relaxing is difficult, as MoV is stressing me out and getting out of hand.

Tomorrow (from my Ta-Da List):

* Organise advertising for auditions
* Who's collecting bookings?
* Start collecting bookings
* Find out fee for audition venue, get approval, confirm venue
* Make & send MoV audition notice
* Add MoV page to wiki
* Work on script and audition pieces

Only two weeks till auditions! Argh!

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OK, first breathe. Second, do one thing at a time. Go out to a cafe or something if it'll help you get some quiet time, and do as much as you can sans internet there. Or I'll take the kids somewhere. I'm sure they'd like to see Aunty Donna or Rachel.

Now, why do you have a "who's collecting bookings", followed by a "start collecting bookings". Get someone else onto it. Call Cam for example, ask him to find someone. Some of those things on your list should only take a few minutes, like the audition venue stuff. And if it'll take longer, delegate it. When you're the director, you get to palm some of the stuff off onto other people so that you can concentrate on the directing.

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