Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Tooth hurty

Bloody teeth. A long, long time ago (no, I'm not about to launch into American Pie), I got a couple of fillings done at Eltham. One required extensive work (building a structure on which to add the filling) and cost $260. That cost put me off and I didn't bother going back for a few years, during which time my teeth felt okay.

A while back that changed and I started going to a dentist in Seaford to finally start filling all the holes. One of them turned out to be deeper than he thought from looking at the X-Ray. When drilling, he found it came very close to the nerve. Some sort of anesthetic cover and a filling and I was back to normal, but with a warning that I might still have problems with it in future.

Alack! Alas! It has happened. The filled tooth is now hurting, particularly if I put any pressure on it (say, by chewing). Back to the dentist next week. How many hours of dental work? How many visits? How much pain? And most importantly, at what cost? I'm worried that my credit card will have a heart attack...

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