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Pleasant surprise: 20Gb
Primarily due to taking lots more photos and having a growing store of emails and documents, my already loaded MacBook hard disk finally ran out of space. Fortunately, I found a cheap 120Gb replacement and have now upgraded.

The pleasant surprise, upon starting the machine again, was realising that the original hard disk was 60Gb, not 80Gb as I had thought. A 100% increase, rather than just 50%. Unless I do something silly, like put our entire music collection onto this machine, the extra space should keep me going for the life of the machine (hopefully a few years).

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now all you need to do is get a USB HDD caddy and shove the 60 in there, and you have 60GB more storage, for those archives et al

Done. I needed the external enclosure so that I could copy data from the old disk to the new one. (I hate having to resinstall OS, apps, data, etc. unless absolutely necessary.)

The old disk will now act as a backup drive. (Although I'll still do backups to rsync.net more frequently than plugging in the external drive.)

Mac books

Nathan, what do you think is the best value from the current Apple range?
I have music and photos, what would you buy now?


I use Bill's little iBook G4 now but need one for myself.

What do you think?

I think the best value is the MacBook range - well, the white ones: paying $300 extra for black and a little more hard disk space is insane.

I love everything about my MacBook except for the screen. The glossiness is not as much of a problem as I expected (though it does reflect more than a MacBook Pro screen does). What bugs me is the limited viewing angle: tilt it up or down slightly and images get lighter or darker and colours change slightly. Tilting side to side is fine, but being unsure of what my photos truly look like is annoying, as I have to look at the screen dead on to get it right.

For the most part, though, I can put this gripe out of my mind and enjoy the computer from day to day.

My main two reasons for choosing a MacBook rather than a MacBook Pro are:

1. Price: I can afford the salary sacrifice payments on a $2100 computer much easier than a $3200 computer.

2. Dimensions. The 13" MacBook is practically A4 and fits nicely in my bag. The screen is big enough for handling photos, typing and watching video, but is small enough to sit on my lap on the train or elsewhere without getting in the way.

So, go for the MacBook. If you want a larger computer and have a couple thousand dollars spare, try the Pro. Or if you have several thousand dollars spare, buy two and we can have one each. ;-)

I neglected to ask if you really need a computer that moves. If you just want to use it at home, an iMac would be best. I love our 20" iMac: great screen, great design - it just doesn't travel readily. Our's is two models old and still runs well - I'd imagine the current Intel-based models would be fanstastic.

Re: Mac books

I have a PC that sits on a bench.

I like the idea of portability and thats why this little iBook is the fav computer around here. The problem is that the PC is full of music and the iBook is full of photos.

How do I manage this? Bill, Jane, Anna and I all have ipods which we update on the PC. But the PC is now super slow because it's full of music/podcasts etc.

The iBook is pretty full too, only it's full of photos, my photos and it's Bill's computer.

So, I prefer Apple to Microsoft and would prefer a iBook to an iMac because it can travel. But, I suppose, with time it would just be like all the others 'full'too.

Any suggestions? At some point I need to have a clean up I suspect.

The first part of the solution is to get a big enough hard disk. How much room do your photos take up so far? How much music?

We have about 30Gb of music on the iMac and sync all our iPods on that machine. We all share the same library, so there's no doubling of songs across different logins.

Theresa and Deborah have their photos on the iMac, but not significant amounts. I have about 12Gb of photos (and growing fast) on the MacBook. I take photos as JPEGs (normal rather than fine, mostly), mainly because I like to keep all my photos on one disk, and partly because I'm too lazy to post-process and thus don't need RAW files. Professional photographers have no choice but to use multiple hard disks.

Hmm, there's a thought - have you considered using external hard drives as your needs grow? Still, the most important thing is to start off with a high capacity disk in your new MacBook.

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