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Tell it like it is... but be politically correct
Apparently it's company policy to be religion-free on Christmas communications (although I can't find a written policy). Specifically, Christmas cards say "Season's Greetings", with no mention of "Christmas".

While I don't object to the phrase "Season's Greetings", I agree with a few people that it's silly to think that referring to Christmas may be offensive. There are many non-Christians who celebrate Christmas as a traditional holiday if not a religious one. Plus, there are people who don't celebrate Christmas, but accept it as part of the culture.

Apparently sales reps are not wanting to send the cards to customers: aside from the lack of "Christmas", they're dull and more depressing than festive. At least Telecom's cards are colourful, summery, family-focused, and branded with Telecom colours.

Now, here's the kicker: AAPT's bland cards feature a message from World Vision, the Christian aid agency we sponsor. The only life to the cards comes from smiles on the faces of people helped by World Vision. Too bad it's such a dull photo.

So... it's okay to get into bed with World Vision and do God's work, but we can't wish customers a Merry Christmas in case that comes across as a Christian gesture?

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Point it out to them...

Point it out to them LOTS...

I've always found this kind of stance odd, especially considering so much about Xmas is a pagan thing anyway, not a Christian thing (Claus, the tree, holly, the date xmas is held on - all pagan).

Christmas was originally a Pagan thing. Now it's a Pagan, Christian and social thing. All the more reason to share Christmas with your customers rather than worry that they'll be offended.

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