Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Too many photos: storing them, scanning them

The effect of having a DLSR camera? Many more photos:

% du -hd1 Photos/Originals
380M    Photos/Originals/2002
602M    Photos/Originals/2003
522M    Photos/Originals/2004
1.1G    Photos/Originals/2005
5.7G    Photos/Originals/2006
603M    Photos/Originals/EarlyPhotos   (ie. pre-2002)
Many photographers fill lots of hard drives with thousands of high resolution photos. I like the convenience of having all photos in one spot, which is one reason I shoot in JPEG rather than RAW. But with limited hard disk space on the MacBook, I can foresee the day when I'll have to archive some photos elsewhere.

On a related note, does anyone know of a company/service that will scan photos in bulk? What I have is a pile of old photos (mostly 4"x6"), but what I want is a bunch of JPEG images. The stumbling block is the prohibitative amount of time required to scan photos one by one on a flatbed scanner.
Tags: photography

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