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I remember getting to sleep -before- 11pm...
How does one get to sleep? I seem to be having increasing trouble mastering the sleep thing lately. Whether it's psychosomatic, the result of bad habits, or due to multiple factors, I think I need to somehow get my sleep back on track, for fear of really getting my circadian rhythm screwed up. Tonight consisted of:
  • 11pm - 12am: Reading and browsing, not realising the time.
  • 12am - 1am: Thinking that, since I'm up so late anyway, I would wait for Theresa to return.
  • 1am - 2am: Learning that she's not due home soon; trying to sleep, but every distant car initially sounds like it could Theresa arriving home.
  • 2am - 2:30am: Drifting into a light sleep; Theresa returns.
  • 2:30am - 3:30am: Kept awake by hunger; get up to eat.
  • 3:30amam - 8am: Not a full night's sleep, but it's time to go to work.

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(Deleted comment)
Exercise. It probably is time that I get over my aversion to exercise. Sadly, I'm sure I can't keep the same metabolism and body shape forever. :-(

Not eating before bed. That sounds great in theory; I guess the extra energy and digestion activity keeps you awake. But I'd have to wean myself off it: when the time-since-dinner is significant, I get so hungry that sleep is kept at bay by hunger, light-headedness and a growing headache.

Tranquil Night pills. I'll look out for them. I have tried something similar, but I'm not sure how effective they were; I may not have taken a sufficient dose.

I had dreadful trouble getting to sleep too last night, and I'm completely the "out like a light at 11" kind of person. I wasn't tired by 11 last night tho so I played Oblivion for "just a bit longer", then realised it was way after midnight, then went to bed and made the mistake of starting a really funny Bill Bryson book I didn't want to put down, so I didnt get to sleep til about 2 :( So I comiserate on the frazzle.

Maybe it was the heat?

The heat was the initial reason for not going to bed earlier. I was waiting for the fan to get some of the heat out of the bedroom. It would have been better had I remembered to open the window first!

Help with web design


Nice site design. Okay, I need your help.
So, I wanna make my little sister's site, and I am looking for site template.
Can you suggest some online place or other resource where I can find many site templates?

It would be better if it will be free:)
I think many of us have personal sites, do you design it yourself?

Thanks a lot, Bill.

Re: Help with web design

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the delayed reply. What sort of site/templates do you want? If you're looking for a blog/journal, the simplest thing is to set up a free account with a service like LiveJournal (http://livejournal.com) or Vox (http://vox.com). These sites offer a range of templates and options: just play around until you get a look you want. Plus, they're easy to update: just enter text in a web browser (or download a program to make it even easier).


Re: Help with web design

By the way, who are you, and what's with the same question being posted all over the web? A bot? Someone looking for a vulnerability to exploit? Trying to get a meme to spread?

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