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YouTube questions
I'm sure YouTube is a wonderful service. In fact, I've watched a few videos from YouTube users. I just have a couple of questions:

  • Where can I find RSS/Atom feeds? If I can't subscribe to someone's videos, how am I supposed to know when they upload something new?

  • How can I download videos to watch on something like a video iPod or a television?
Hmm, I wonder what sort of response I'd get if I were to send these questions to YouTube... I guess it's not really even worth the effort.

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oops... i bumped into here while searching at google. oh well. ill answer your question.

1. you can just subscribe to the user. as for the newest videos on youtube well http://www.youtube.com/rssls

2. http://keepvid.com/ just dont tell other people! :) before google shuts that site down too. a blog topic was just shut down when it instructed users how to download videos from youtube.

Thanks for the link to YouTube's RSS page. It's useful, but it also highlights the point I was failing to make: that they are deliberately making feeds and downloads difficult, because they see more value in running a closed system rather than an open one.

It should be possible to subscribe to a feed of videos from a user by following an RSS/Atom link on any page. It should also be linked properly so that a feed icon appears in a web browser's address bar. Instead, they make it hard, hoping that people will make an account and stay on the site to track new videos.

Likewise, it's not very helpful that the default behaviour is to display non-downloadable streaming Flash movies rather than content that can be downloaded in advance (good for slow connections) and played elsewhere (download at work, watch on the train). Having some control over downloads to satisfy producers is one thing, but doing it to create lock-in seems to be against the spirit of the new world of the web.

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