Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The panic is over...

It's okay - the panic is over... I started the Secret! program on my Palm Tungsten to check something (I use it to store banking details, passwords and several other things). It wouldn't accept my password. I tried again, extra carefully - no go. I turned on Show Password so I could see what I was entering and I even tried pasting it in - nup.

I tried getting to my data via Secret! Desktop - same problem. Although sure that I hadn't selected "delete all data after x failed password attempts", I started to worry about it all disappearing. Obviously the password has been changed. I remember selecting Change Password, but I changed it to the same password. Well, as it turns out, I didn't change it to the same password - I used a password I have for something else. I tried it and it let me in... <insert sigh of relief> Well, that saves trying to figure out how to restore an old backup and losing recent data in the process.

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