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C'mon, surely you know someone who wants online storage...
Do you know anyone who needs remote backup for their data?

Of course, I'm not expecting anyone to say yes, but I have to ask, as there's a carrot for me. ;-)

(rsync.net has implemented a customer referral program and will increase my quota if you sign up and enter "1124" in the "Heard about rsync.net from:" field...)

The deal is:
  • US$1.80/Gb per month, minimum 3 Gb. Volume discounts kick in at 25Gb. I really wonder how Australian companies survive when some are charging $29/mth or even $179/mth for 1Gb.
  • No special software or cumbersome web-based interface. Just use standard protocols (rsync, ftp, sftp, WebDAV, rdiff-backup, duplicity, etc.).
  • No bandwidth charges or limits.
  • Strong privacy principles. They encourage use of SSH, welcome encryption, and are implementing intrusion detection without keeping access logs that might tempt law-enforcement warrants.

More details from: http://www.rsync.net/.

Well, I think that's my plugging duties complete for today. We now return you to your regular programming.

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Interesting that I'm happy to spruik rsync.net, but I haven't mentioned the web hosting I can provide. I guess I'm a bit prone to enthusiasm for good services.

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