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Name the ingredient
Name the ingredient: "________ with broccoli". Your clues are:

1. Wikibooks introduces the recipe with the sentence: "This is a tasty dish that the whole family will love."

2. The first instruction is "Wash the ________ well, in a colander, then shake it to drain. (it will still leak juices)"

3. The final instruction is "When it looks yummy, serve it."

4. I don't currently have access to this ingredient. I do know someone who has some in her freezer, but they've been there for some years, so I don't know that they'd be fresh enough to eat... or that she'd ever find an occasion special enough to warrant thawing them out.

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You were supposed to GUESS! Aparently it tastes like beef and is full of nutrition. But I'm not sure how readily I'd eat it - the raw product does not look appealing.

Did you know? Many animals eat the placenta - even herbivores...


Forgot to log in. Editing post now to add a picture. It does look tasty...

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