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Name the ingredient
Name the ingredient: "________ with broccoli". Your clues are:

1. Wikibooks introduces the recipe with the sentence: "This is a tasty dish that the whole family will love."

2. The first instruction is "Wash the ________ well, in a colander, then shake it to drain. (it will still leak juices)"

3. The final instruction is "When it looks yummy, serve it."

4. I don't currently have access to this ingredient. I do know someone who has some in her freezer, but they've been there for some years, so I don't know that they'd be fresh enough to eat... or that she'd ever find an occasion special enough to warrant thawing them out.

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I Googled the phrase in the first clue and, um, that's kinda gross ...


You were supposed to GUESS! Aparently it tastes like beef and is full of nutrition. But I'm not sure how readily I'd eat it - the raw product does not look appealing.

Did you know? Many animals eat the placenta - even herbivores...


Forgot to log in. Editing post now to add a picture. It does look tasty...

If I wasn't too lazy to Google, that's what I would have done, hehe. But I figured it had already been answered here, and I was right. The pic looks like it has meat in it, so I was thinking along the lines of TVP. I don't know that placenta is supposed to be eaten by the whole family - I thought the purpose of eating it is to help after-birth recovery. Which also makes the freezing of it useless. I could be wrong about that though.

Seems to me that the final instruction means it will never be served, considering the chef knows what's in it, LOL.

Well, the receipe for Spicy Australian Placenta makes enough for two. Nutrients and recovery assistance for the mother, plus some extra so the father can join in the fun.

I don't know anyone who freezes placenta before eating it. (Okay, I don't know anyone who eats it.) I doubt Jo's freezer stash is intended for consumption. Nicholas' might be okay, but how old's Oliver now? Eight? Nine?

Would someone in another country have to source an Australian placenta? Does it have to be from a woman born in Australia, or would a naturalised woman do? Say a non-Australian gives birth in Australia, her child is Australian - but what does that make the placenta?

**must switch off silly part of brain**

BTW, the recipes, plus a photo of the raw ingredient are here:

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