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Art Deco design - help!
While I appreciate design and style, I don't actually have design skills myself. For The Merchant of Venice, I want to make a flyer in art deco style (and resuse the design for the programme). Any hints? (Ideas, reading materials, examples or other resources?)

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A good start would be checking out the cinema cards / posters for some black & white films such as Metropolis, the original King Kong (as well as the Peter Jackson remake), not to mention Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and the Incredibles.

Also, take a look at images of Louise Brooks for an idea on fashions around the time that Art Deco was big. Circa Vintage Clothing on Gertrude St would also be a good place to go look at stuff around that time. And Nikki frou_frou can probably give you more leads.

the Wikipedia article isn't too bad either as has a list of Art Deco designers.

For a physical look at art deco interior design, you could visit the Astor cinema (Corner Dandenong Road and Chapel St) or other such buildings around town.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I think posters will be a good starting point. I've found a page on Italian Art Deco posters, which fits in with Venice. I should probably get some Art Deco fonts and start playing around.

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