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"Is the glass half empty or half full?" - WTF?
"Is the glass half empty or half full?" is a common expression, but it seems to have a meaning beyond my understanding. There seems to be an idea that one can be a half full person or a half empty person; the implication being that one type is better than the other.

How do I know what sort of person I am? What is the difference between the two?

I fail to see the philosophical meaning here. In my mind, the only way to answer the question "is the glass half empty or half full?" is with "the glass is both half empty and half full - duh! - why are you asking me such a stupid question?".

(Actually, I prefer the line that "the glass is twice as big as it needs to be".)

[In the next installment of "Nathan's cognitive difficulties", we examine the poorly worded expression "have your cake and eat it too".]

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(Deleted comment)
Neef is only half full - give him more to drink ;)

Thanks for the explanation. As a pessimist, I'm more likely to notice what is lacking, but I think I'm more likely to phrase my response as "the glass is only half full", than to use the words "half empty".

I might also say "the glass is only half full now, but it was full a minute ago before I took a drink". Is that a sign of occasional optimism, or is it a reflection of my tendency to take metaphors too literally?

Saddly I know im percieved as a "Glass half empty" kind of person. I know theres a couple of "ex" frineds of mine who started avoiding me and then eventually it got back to me that they thought I was a "Glass half empty guy" and they would tell me to get over my issues.

of course, they would then go on and say or do stuff that directly destabilised me but *nods*

I know the issue ( and I DO call it an issue ) is partially the Black Dog.. but some of it is just me.. Even when I try and CHANGE the way I interact with the environment I just make it worse...

if only I could find a Vet who knew how to deal with black dogs reliably and in the right way... so far they all tell me they arent that kind of vet..

I do like to think that im sometimes Optimistic, somtimes pragmatic and I regret to admit that somtimes im a pessamist....

Really depends on how... emotional and stable I feel at the time

That's an interesting comment. You see, in my view it's good to be a pessimist. Okay, maybe it's not good to be really pessimistic - certainly pessimism can be negative and negativity can be, well... negative.

But I'm not fond of optimism, either. More specifically, I'm not fond of hope. An optimist might expect something to work out well, then have to fight to stay optimistic when it fails. I avoid hope, such that I'm pleasantly surprised when it does work out.

In a similar vein, I don't like to make promises to my kids. Promises = expectation, plus you get in trouble if you break a promise. I'm happier for them to go through life expecting boredom, but getting pleasant surprises... Hmm, this journal entry is turning into a psychological profile...

Chalk me up as a "realistic optimist" - I hope for the best but am not surprised when it doesn't happen because that's just how the universe is.

Yup... thats the way I would like to THINK i am but aparently other people see me as the ultimate pessimist worthy of being avoided like the plague... (thats the black plague)

I would LIKE to see myself as the Pragmatic Optimist. Realist!


I've always been of the opinion that the glass is neither half-empty or half-full. But rather is in the state of being most useful. Especially since, without that glass, my tasty beverage would simply spill upon the surface of whatever my glass was resting on to begin with.
And really, you can't get drunk unless your booze has a recepticle to reside in. Unlike Neef, I'm not willing to drink out of a broken bottle. ;)

Someone has pointed out that the glass is always full. It's just that it happens to be half full of liquid and half full of air.

On the subject of alcohol, we need to remember the concept of the top-up - restoring balance to a glass with diminishing quantities of beverage.

"Is the glass half empty or half full?" - WTF?

I am constantly amused by people who live their life using phrases & cliches like this, they generally are so impotent that they are seeking power over others rather than just living. They only feel secure when they can label someone else. So they design all these convenient phrases as an invitation for people to be unconscious. These people secretly are bullies and they spend their days in the closet of their subconscious fearing that they will be labeled. So they always try to sucker punch someone else before they get punched. I guess when the only social tools you have are a bag of hammers everyone looks like a nail.

Most people are too busy living and enjoying life to really think this way. Thank God for that!


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