Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Going solo at gigs

Any advice for going to a gig by oneself? I'm not a regular concertgoer, but tonight I'm off to Peninsula Lounge to see The Herd (plus support acts). I don't think it will be as bad as going alone to see a little-known band at a pub - standing in a corner, trying to sip a drink slowly while everyone else is there with someone else. But even though there'll be a substantial crowd, I still feel suddenly self-conscious...

(I say "substantial crowd", but the show's not sold out and the venue's not huge. Maybe I should have booked for the Hi-Fi Bar gig and tried to hide in the crowd...)

The photographer in my wants to follow the lead of andricongirl and take photos, but carrying a camera doesn't feel like a strategy for being less self-conscious. :-)

EDIT: Correction - the show is now sold out.
Tags: self-conscious

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