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Jesara's imagination
I'm proud of Jesara. She finally seems to be developing a little imagination. In the past if I were to ask her to look at a book and tell me a story, she'd just whinge and say "I don't know that one".

Tonight (and the last couple of nights) she has been reading to me from a Winnie the Pooh colouring book. She tells me what happens on each page (albeit briefly) and uses bridging words to transition from one page to the next.

One one page there was a picnic with just honey pots. We had already established that Tigger doesn't like honey, so I asked what he might eat. Here's the menu:

Tigger: cooked octopuses
Eeyore: snails
Roo: carrots
Piglet: a sausage
Pooh: honey (or hunny)

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Did she suggest the octopus and snails, or was that you? Piglet has the best deal at that picnic, LOL, though baby octopus can be muy yummy if done correctly.

No, all her suggestion (I would have chosen more boring picnic foods). I don't like to put ideas in her mind, because then she closes up. That also means not correcting her when she thinks something on a page (like an oversized carrot) is actually something else...

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