Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Picnic at Hanging Rock

We went to Hanging Rock on Saturday. I hadn't been there for quite some time (neither had Theresa) and Deborah and Jesara had never been. After a picnic lunch where a number of wasps decided to join us, we headed up the path.

"The Hanging Rock" is disappointing. There is a sign you see as you climb the first steps through the rocks that says "The Hanging Rock", presumably referring to a rock overhead that is wedged between two larger rocks. The overall area, though, is impressive and fun to climb around. Jesara particularly liked "walking" over rocks and climbing around a bit. Despite my assurance that no one would steal the stroller, Theresa was not so sure; it turns out we were able to take it most of the way up.

We took many photos while there; I'll have to upload some as an online album. Particularly good were the arty ones. Theresa got an Anne Geddes style shot of me curled up in a rock, then I continued the series with similar shots of Deborah, Theresa and Jesara.

Deborah and I had not seen the film version of Picnic at Hanging Rock (nor have we read the book), so we hired it to watch that night. We ended up leaving it until the following night, as Mace and Lindy came to join us for a Saturday night feed of fish'n'chips, followed by some Trivial Pursuit and conversation.

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