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Connect drinks: Fri 15/Sep @ Plan B Richmond
Come one, come all, bring friends, spread the word, etc...
  • When: From 5:30 - 6pm onwards, Fri 15-Sep-2006

  • Where: Plan B, 274 Bridge Road Richmond

  • What: Plan B is a "reverse BYO" - BYO food and they'll serve the drinks.
    So if we're hungry, but too settled to move, we can grab take away from somewhere nearby and bring it in for dinner.

  • Who: Connect people, LJ people, friends. A good turnout makes for intersting conversation, so post this invite and come along. :-)

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(Deleted comment)
Tell me what drink you'd like and I'll personally see to it that it be bought, raised and consumed!

A Gin n' red Wine!!! a Red GIN!

Well, to be sure, I'd better have one of each...

aye... in my diary.. short of a catastrophic emergency

We should be there (all things considered)

You WILL be there. Because your goign to demonstrrate combat rolls...

At the end of the evneing

After 2 bottles of Red !!!!!! :)

I should be able to pop along, I imagine.

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