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Connect drinks: September, not this Friday
No Connect drinks this Friday. A couple of maybes, myself included, makes me think that some more notice would be a good thing.

New date: a Friday in the second part of September. Vote now. 15th, 22nd or 29th. I'll confirm a date and post details next week, and hopefully several people can make it. :-)

BTW, am I the only one who hasn't been receiving comments/replies via email? The four replies to my last post did not arrive at all. No wait... two have just come through - now in HTML format with a reply form. Interesting development...

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Not to mention the people who didnt see the FIRST mention of this!
Oops... 15th Maybe?

Hopefully having a confirmed date and a bit of notice will help more people make it. One vote for the 15th... Once confirmed, feel free to spread the word; this is something you were organising - I'm just taking over in the hope that I can come along. :-)

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