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Connect drinks this Friday?
Following on from posts from dcrisp, who is up for drinks this Friday evening (18/Aug, about 5:30 or so)?

Your choice of Hubcap (Bridge Road Richmond) or Holliava (Swan Street Richmond).

Reply with your preference. Lack of interest by Thursday will result in cancellation.

In that case, feel free to organise an alternative date or prod dcrisp to organise something. I'm not tied to any particular date, but the following two Fridays are out for me, so they'd be good choices if you'd rather I weren't there. ;-)

Comments welcome. Would you rather a month or two notice?

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I'm interested, but:

1) I'm back on my noon-8:30pm shift.
2) I probably wouldn't be able to make this Friday regardless.

No plans that I can think of, but with my shifts it's probably best to not try and plan around me for post-work drinks.

Definitely keep me in the loop though, I might be able to wrangle something.

I am busy the next 3 Friday evenings so if you all want to catch up anyway I will catch peeps at the next one

Friday is good for us, though I'll have to check finances. :(

sounds good at this point in time ;)

Hmm... technically I could do it, but I need to be up early on Saturday to ready for a dinner party I'm having so, it might not be wise for me to have a drink night. So I'm only a maybe...

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