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Bed wetting due to routine failure
I think I just failed my parenting practive exam. Jesara just awoke to a bad dream after wetting her bed and now I realise why: I forgot to send her to the toilet before bed. Bad Daddy. Off to the spare bed I go. Fortunately only one sheet is wet this time.

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That's right - make it look like I kicked you out bed for your misdemeanor! ;) For the record, people, he brought her into our bed, and took himself off to the spare b/c there isn't room for three in ours. Meanwhile, she's now had 2 nights in a row in our bed, so we can't allow a 3rd lest it become a habit.

I neither wrote it to mean I was kicked out, nor read it that way. This is why I need you in my life - to notice alternative perspectives.

Technically, there's room for three in our double bed (however squashy), but I left because I knew I wouldn't sleep. For some unfathomable reason, I don't appreciate being kicked in the kidneys or testicles. Comforting your kids in bed is all good and well, but in my opinion, it requires that they be in a straight-jacket...

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