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Friends, Sing Star, broken stuff, non-stop theatre and editing

A busy, yet good weekend.


Went to Kerry's West Heidelberg unit to help Dad paint, after a tenant had left it in a bad state. I wouldn't have thought of it as exercise, but my legs were hurting afterwards. In addition to Sat and Sun, I'll be going back for another day (probably next Sat) to do some more.

Stupid iTunes will let me see songs on the attached iPod, but not play them. Grr. Took CDs for the second day.

Saturday night

Dinner at David & Kerryn's for Kerryn's birthday. A lovely night. The kids were mostly good and our hosts were good to them. Jesara, to a degree, overcame her fear of the dogs and was soon walking around normally and throwing balls to them. Conversation, wine, pasta, great sticky date pudding - awaiting the recipe from Kerryn.

Sing Star fun all round, with a decent range of songs to choose from. Everyone appeared to be happy, although Theresa did suffer a bit from climbing kids. Is it inhumane to put elctro-shock dog collars on your children?

Left in time to take Deborah to work (midnight start). One weekend, three shifts. She slept almost all of Sunday to recover.

Sunday afternoon

Hartwell committee meeting. Despite acclaim from the chilli lovers, I'm unimpressed by Ashwood Pizza: dry, lots of ham, not enough cheese and other toppings. I'll try Monster Pizza next time and see if anyone notices the difference.

Car, washing machine, Tony

So many broken things. Today (Tuesday), both my car and the washing machine were fixed. It will be nice to have the car as an option during winter - I've been dreading the prospect of rainy mornings.

North to South

Theresa and Shane continue to make progress on the pilot. 'Tis slow going, but should work out okay. I can't wait until it's finished.
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