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"If I ignore the process, I can get it done via the back door."
Rhetorical Question: If your order has already reached provisioning, why are you asking for an approval number?

Sad Answer: Because you didn't bother getting approval from us before signing up the customer.

Background: The team I'm in reviews and approves network designs for custom solutions. I just started an email with the line:

"There is no approval number, as there has not yet been any approval."

And trayce, if you're wondering, yes, this is Wholesale. A law unto themselves.

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At the moment our finance guys are trying to sue an ex client for payment of services, but cant because the company name we have on the scant documentation sales bothered to get signoff on does not match the company's (now) name. So we cant take them to court.

"just order it, we'll worry about the paperwork later ffs" is a common grumble in my office :( Thankfully people are starting to crack down on it but ugh I do sympathise with you! I wish we at least HAD some concretely followable processes and policy.

I can sort of tolerate sales reps being sales reps. There is another evil that bothers me more: in the absence of funding, there are product managers who decide not to productise something, despite demand for it. The result? When an important customer requires the solution, it gets pushed through as a custom solution and the product manager gets off without paying for it...

Beware the precedent. "But we did it for this other customer!"

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