Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Deborah's Formal

I'm not good with remembering dates. I had ben told the date for Deborah's Year 12 Formal, but had put it out of my mind, perhaps assuming that I'd hear much more about it closer to the time. So I was surprised to discover that it was on tonight.

Getting home late from work, I missed any excitement before occasion, but I did pick Deborah up afterwards to take her to a party. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, which is rather upsetting. Though I believe Theresa took a few shots, and D hopes to get copies of professional photos taken at the venue.

She was very pleased with her stunning $400 dress; it won some compliments and she's willing to claim she was the best dressed... It certainly looked much better being worn than sitting on a coat-hanger. Why girls persist with high heeled shoes, though, I'll never understand. I could have told her that the "party feet" cushioned inserts wouldn't prevent sore feet after a night of dancing, but she wouldn't have listened anyway. :-)

I forgot not only the camera, but the CDs she wanted for the party, so I left her with the iPod and iTrip. I'm sure I can cope with a reduced music selection for a day.

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