Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Oh dead God, no...

World Cup Fever will hit our shores this Friday 9th June and to get into the spirit of it all, the Richmond Branch is holding our very own World Cup Desk-Decorating competition!!

Oh, goody! Just what we need - a competition to encourage us to act like telesales reps and put up tacky decorations. Fortunately, my area is full of tech people, so any decorations will hopefully be subdued.

Still, it might be interesting to see teams try to out-do each other. Telesales went nuts during the Olympics, with each group representing a different country. Coloured A4 printouts strung all over the place. I missed the photo opportunity, but it seems another is coming.

I'm glad to say I'm not the only one here who's not looking forward to this extravaganza. Someone else agreed, and pitched in with this classic comment about Telesales-land: "you lose an IQ point when you walk through there". :-)

[As always, my comments about Telesales are not meant to offend - I'm just being xenophobic...]
Tags: gripe, work

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