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The joys of Last.fm
Previous song was by Billie Holiday. This song is by Iron Maiden. That's the problem with listening to a wide range of music.

I really need to get the audioscrobbler working with iTunes at home, though, and have it record stats from my iPod. Currently Last.fm only knows when I listen to songs at work, which is a limited sample, and I end up with a lot of metal in the mix.

Edited to add:

It seems my run of mostly metal is changing: I've just heard:

- Jimi Hendrix
- Cat Stevens
- David Bowie
- Trini Lopez
- Gheorghe Zamfir
- Rage Against the Machine

It's "Neighbour Radio" rather than "Personal Radio", but the mix is still different to what I've had in the past.

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Best way I've gotten round this: long audio extension cable, plug into headphone jack of laptop, red/white ends into the stereo amp. Play in stereo quality from winamp, thus songs get noted by lastfm :)

No fiddling with itunes xfer rubbish ;P

We're talking different things here. The Last.fm/audioscrobbler plugin for iTunes will catch songs that I play on my iPod, which is the main thing I'm using for listening to music. (I listen to music more when I'm not at home, hence the iPod instead of the iMac or the stereo system.)

Winamp is better than iTunes, but it requires Windows, which I'm not using. For the most part, iTunes is suitable for our needs. At least it doesn't suck very badly like iPhoto. (That's perhaps unfair - my photography needs are more demanding than my music listening needs.)

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