Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Browser support for avoiding page-breaks (non-existent)

Argh! Web browsers drive me nuts sometimes. Great support for a lot of CSS properties, but no support for other ones. Opera supposedly has good support for the page-break-* properties, and that's true... if you want to break a page. But it seems to have no support for:

page-break-before: avoid;
page-break-after: avoid;

So... I can make sure in scene starts on a new page, but I can't stop Opera (or Firefox; yet to try Safari) from splitting the name of a character from her dialogue:

Have by some surgeon, Shylock, on your charge,
To stop his wounds, lest he do bleed to death.

Grrr. Firefox is no better. I'm yet to try Safari, but a blog post announcing support for page-break-*: always does not fill me with hope.
Tags: gripe, tech, theatre

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