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Merchant of Venice: so many choices

The Merchant Of Venice is a complex play that involves many choices. And the choices aren't all for the actors and charaters. Hartwell has finally made its selection of director, having to choose between me and Rod. And now I need to choice an assistant/consultant from a list of three people.

There are some months to go till auditions, but I intend to start preparing shortly, getting a script together, along with notes, character sheets, etc.. I've even bought the annotated script from The Oxford Shakespeare series in which 50% of each page is devoted to annotations and notes.

Edited to add:

More choices:
- Do I use XML, HTML or ODF for the script?
- Do I put preparation notes in a wiki, or just use text files on the MacBook?
- Do I decline the offer just so I don't have to contact auditionees that didn't get a part (and struggle to fill some roles)?

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