Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

AYLI finale, bad car, new MacBook

Saturday 13/May:

Final performance of As You Like It, followed by bump out and cast party. I got there at midnight and stayed until it wound up about 3:30. Still, it seemed a little short in some way and lacked the magic of the previous week at Stratford. Went back to Fiona's with Laura and Brad for a little while, then headed home for a 5:30am broken sleep.

Through the week:

The charge light on my car has been on whilst driving, and a new battery hasn't helped. Tony believes it to be an alternator problem, and is now shopping around for a second hand replacement for me.

Placed order for new MacBook. Arrival hopefully in the next two weeks, and hopefully the glossy screen will not be too reflective on the train. Then I just need to figure about how to juggle photos and iView catalogues between the two computers.
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