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Medina, Stratford, Sydney

An entry from a week ago that I neglected to post at the time...

Friday 5/May:

Drinks at the Medina with Mace, Lindy, David, Kerryn, and a couple of Mace's workmates. Dinner at a Thai restaurant in Hardware Lane. Didn't notice that Gado Gado was listed as a salad - it arrived cold and delicately arranged on a plate. But the peanut sauce was good and warm and made for an enjoyable meal.

Drinks at a downstairs bar/restaurant named Moo, where we were unable to get a table for dinner earlier. Groovy, chilled out place with an impressive wine cellar.

Saturday 6/May:

Left early to collect Jack and Laura for the long drive to Stratford; a little longer than I expected, as we arrived 15 mins late. The next few hours were taken up with rehearsal stuff. It's easy to believe that a "topping and tailing" rehearsal will be quick - don't count on it. We did at least get an hour to go and get ready before our 5:30 dinner.

The show went really well. 'Twas a lot of fun and having a bit of floor space in the middle between the tables (which were arranged in a V-formation) worked well. We even had the dance rearranged to suit.

Then it was time to party - the real reason for our trip. Fortunately, no one from the motel came to shut us up (or shut us down), so we had the pergola until we retired just before 4am. My iPod was put to good use and we polished off all of our limited supply of food and drinks.

Sunday 7/May:

Breakfast at Wa De Lock Cafe in Stratford. This business was the sponsor for our show and they probably recouped a good portion of their $800 as we ordered bacon, eggs, etc.

Jack and Laura returned to Melbourne with Jenny and Richard, which was probably just as well: I had to stop twice for naps on the way home, eventually crawling through the door about 5pm.

In brief: a good weekend had by all.

Tuesday 9/May:

Went to Sydney for the project that never ends. I wasn't particularly well prepared, but the sessions were good and I came out of them with a better understanding of how everything fits in. Unfortunately, it's not dead yet: some issues were raised that need to be looked at, but hopefully not by me.

Wednesday 10/May:

Another training session of the same thing, but for the Melbourne people, plus catching up with what i should have been doing yesterday, had Shane not stolen my time.

Almost forgot:

I left my lights on in my rush to be on time for the flight. I realised as I approached the boarding gate that I couldn't remember turning off the lights, and indeed I hadn't. Totally flat battery, so I waited for an RACV dude to come along. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for him to enter the business parking cage.

What really sucks is that the total loss of power resulted in the radio stopping. Stupid security-code protection. Now I need to take out the unit and see if I can get a security code for it.
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