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Variation on IANAL
I like coming across and figuring out online abbreviations that are variations on a theme. I saw IAALBIANYL in the .sig of a GrokLaw comment made by a lawyer. It made me smile. That is all.

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"I am a lawyer, but I am not YOUR lawyer"? :)

Too funny. I had only yesterday seen anything like it (IANAD), and it took me a while to figure out that it was even an anagram, let alone what it could have been. (I did figure yours out, but only after I realized that there was no first N in there, though I had read one.)

Not anagram - I'm sure the proper word will come to me as soon as I hit Post.

THANK YOU. It didn't come to me, so it would have driven me crazy. :) I always get those wrong.

Personally, I don't pronounce IANAL as a word (or even at all really - it's an online thing), so I think of it as more an abbreviation than an acronym. But it could go either way... I'm sure there are some that think it appropriate that a term used by lawyers contain "anal".

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